“I want to start off by saying that Alisa is the reason I’m finally free of my bulimia after 20 something years of torture and mental prison.  I know that’s a bold statement, that ‘I’m free of bulimia,’ however, I’m so in touch with my body now and that’s where the confidence comes from. I have tried every diet imaginable through the years. Nothing worked. I would lose a few pounds and I just couldn’t stick to any diet. The diet failed and I felt like a failure over and over and over. My life was a repeat movie for 20 plus years!  Upon meeting Alisa this past year I knew my life was going to change.  Alisa didn’t have to say much, the conviction she had in her demeanor told me everything.  She immediately made me feel that there was help.  She told me, ‘From here on out, for the rest of your life, you are going to learn how not to diet. We are going to do this together.” I believed her, and together we did it!  She gave me the kind of support where there was no way I could fail.  She is so warm, open, non-judgmental, caring, kind, and loving.  The only thing that can heal anyone is love.  Alisa’s love and passion for helping others through nutritional coaching is paramount. You feel it deep down upon meeting her… when you’ve tried everything to beat something on your own and nothing has worked that’s when you can’t be afraid to ask for help…Don’t suffer one more day in silence, in darkness. The life you’ve always dreamed of can be yours.”