Links From The Gathering Adoption Conference

Hi Folks from The Gathering Adoption Conference!

I so enjoyed talking with y’all tonight!  Here are some of the links we talked about as well as the books I recommended:

Love Me, Feed Me: The Adoptive Parent’s Guide to Ending the Worry About Weight, Picky Eating, Power Struggles and More

Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense, Revised and Updated Edition

Intuitive Eating

Life Inside the “Thin” Cage: A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter

Other Links:
Recommended Supplements:


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  1. My daughter will be 2 in December and she has stretad to get very picky about food. She used to eat just about anything I put in front of her including any vegetable, but lately she refuses all vegetables if they are not mixed into some other food. Here are some things she likes for lunch or dinner that are healthy:1. macaroni and cheese made with whole wheat noodles with peas and diced carrots mixed in; apple slices; water2. peanut butter and sliced banana sandwich on whole wheat bread, milk3. whole wheat pasta with cooked chopped broccoli and parmesan cheese, fresh fruit, milk4. grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread, tomato soup, milk or water (cut the sandwich into strips and let the kids dip the strips into the tomato soup)5. baked potato with grated cheese, diced grilled chicken, and diced tomato for toppings; fruit salad, milk or water


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