What’s For Dinner Wednesdays – Asian(ish) Trout & Veggie Pasta

Welcome to my first installment of What’s For Dinner Wednesdays!  These aren’t fancy schmancy recipes.  They are easy-to-make-from-your-head family meals that you can put together on a weeknight in a flash.  Because around here, there’s no time to follow a recipe on a Wednesday night… that’s weekend business.

Asian(ish) Steelhead and Pasta with Veggies

This is a meal I’ve watched whatsfordinnermy sister throw together on many occasions so we gave it a go and it was a hit.

  1.  Season a filet of steelhead trout or salmon with a little salt and pepper.  Then, top with some butter, soy sauce and honey.  Bake or broil it however your family likes.  (I baked it at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes)
  2. While the fish is baking, boil a bag of pasta.  When there’s about three minutes left to al dente, add a bag of fresh veggies.  I used the pre-cut stir-fry mix from HEB.  When the pasta is cooked, drain it all together and return to the pot.  Toss with sesame oil, sesame seeds and salt and pepper to taste.


Easy peasy meal and a happy family!


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  1. This was tasty and what we needed to get back into gear after a weeklong vacation. But I found myself wishing for cucumbers the entire time I was eating it next time!!


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