What’s For Dinner Wednesdays – Easy(er) Spaghetti


What’s For Dinner Wednesdays aren’t fancy recipes… they’re actually not recipes at all.  They are easy-to-make-from-your-head family meals that you can put together on a weeknight in a flash.  Because around here, there’s no time to follow a recipe on a Wednesday night…that’s weekend business.


Okay, so spaghetti isn’t exactly a toughy.  It’s the perfect, make from your head weeknight meal.  But even super easy needs to get a little easier around here on Wednesday nights.  After school I take my daughter to dance class.  An hour away.  And yes, that makes me a crazy dance mom, but that’s for another post.  So, my husband is left to take care of our three littles, feed them dinner and get our house ready for our small group Bible study that we host exactly 13 minutes after I arrive home with our daughter from dance.

Here’s one way I make a homemade meal work on these nights.  At some point in the day, I brown ground turkey or ground beef with onions and garlic.  I then put them in a crock pot and mix in whatever tomato-like products we have.  This time it was a jar of spaghetti sauce and a can of diced tomatoes.  I then added some Italian seasoning and a pinch of sugar.  You can add grated carrots for sweetness, mushrooms or any other veggies you like in your spaghetti sauce too.  Set to low and let it go.

Then, I leave a pot of water, ready to boil on the stove.  This way, my husband just has to boil the noodles (I like half regular, half whole wheat – but you gotta stagger the times you put them in the pot based on their cooking times) and toss to together our cheater caesar salad kit.  Don’t judge… if it weren’t for salad kits, there would be no salads around here.

What do you put in the crock pot ahead of time to make dinner easier?

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