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Helping Kids From Hard Places Heal

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Preparing For The Homecoming:  What to know and how to prepare ahead of time to meet your child’s nutritional Needs

Successful Meal and Snack Times with Foster and Adopted Kids:  Learn how to structure your meals in a way that eases transitions and encourages bonding.


Love Me, Feed Me

by Katja Rowell, MD

Love Me, Feed Me is an essential guidebook for anyone fostering, adopting or providing respite care.  Read it all at once or keep it on-hand as a troubleshooting guide.

Child of Mine

by Ellyn Satter

Child of Mine is the classic in child feeding books.  This must read for every parent will set a solid foundation for how you choose to feed your children.  Satter’s book is especially helpful for kids from hard places as she her philosophy places a premium on relationship and parent, child bonding.